Heart Lake Village

Final phase NOW OPEN!
From The high $700's. Up to 2,005 square feet.
Only few townhomes remaining!

BY appointment only
Phone: 416 798 7070

If you are looking for a vibrant, friendly place to live, then there is no better choice than Heart Lake Village in Canada’s "Flower City" of Brampton. Not only is Brampton one of the most beautiful cities to live in, it is also one of the fastest growing and safest in Ontario. There is literally something for everyone to enjoy here – art, music, culture, nature, shopping, entertainment and sports.

The Jasper
1280 sq.ft.
The Revelstoke
1400 sq.ft.
The Algonquin
1555 sq.ft.
The Algonquin
1612 sq.ft.
The Ellesmere
1625 sq.ft.
The Ellesmere
1638 sq.ft.
The Banff
1770 sq.ft.
The Saguenay
1740 sq.ft.
The Forillon
1810 sq.ft.
The Banff
1834 sq.ft.
The Rondeau
1955 sq.ft.
The Rondeau
2002 sq.ft.
The Mauricie
2005 sq.ft.